Hemant Hirpara.

 Haresh Hirpara.

Chetan P. Hirpara.

The success and efficiency of any organization is directly related to its management policy and execution. Our Chairman/CEO, who is highly qualified and experienced, is the common head of all factories, individual units directors are directly accountable to the chairman. There are four assistant directors who are in charge of individual units and are directly answerable to the chairman. In our secondary level of management, there are managers under the directors in every operational level for each unit and technically-qualified and experienced supervisors directly supervising every stage of production.

Snap checks by the CEO and directors ensure the correct functioning of the unit. An independent highly qualified and experienced manager ensures quality control in every stage of production right from the procurement of raw materials to the final packing. Every unit is equipped with a dispatch section under the direct management who will in turn be answerable to a common head. We believe in the preservation and enhancement of our employees' knowledge, skills, experience and enthusiasm and are rewarded by the best possible production in terms of quality and quantity.

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